Final Relapse

Final relapse is our first indie action-adventure game, that we are hoping to release in 2017. We want to get it on Steam Greenlight and are hoping to push it into early access in some form or another.

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Game story

Set in France 2030, Final relapse follows ‘patient zero’ in a pre-zombie apocalypse era. Unlike typical zombie apocalypses, where the virus strain is quick to spread, this virus, once contracted, spends years before the first symptoms appear.

It is believed (but not known) that patient zero became infected (reason unknown, although it will be part of the game’s plot) around 6 years ago. Being the only human known on earth to have symptoms of a ‘zombie’ virus, he is under constant care and media scrutiny.

During this period of infection, patient zero has gone in and out of a ‘zombie’ state. While he is a zombie, he cannot control himself or speak in a comprehensible manner. It is revealed that he is completely unconscious during this time, when doctors question him after his zombie episode.

However, in 2030, patient zero goes into his most deadly zombie state. Hence the name ‘Final Relapse’. He completely loses control, and in contrast to previous episodes, it appears increasingly impossible for him to ever return to his human state.

To make matters more complicated, there are speculations that several other people in the world have behaviours that match Patient Zero’s earliest behaviours. Tensions are high, as more and more people become paranoid about this deadly virus.

Game Design

In Final Relapse, the player is a collaborative world health organisation who is seeking to learn more about the virus and prevent its spread. The game design is inspired by Plague Inc., where the player manages things on a global scale, although there is far more emphasis on patient zero.

At its core is detective gameplay. The player is constantly receiving new reports from multiple sources. The reports could include potential new virus carriers, studies by researchers and status updates and developments of the quarantined patient zero.

The player must seek to find the right answers, filtering information that is either false or unrelated from the stuff that really matters. Things like cross-referencing behaviours with historical Patient Zero records or less obvious things like proximity based conclusions are crucial, and central to the ability of the player to succeed.

The objective of the game is to get through 10 years of reaching a safe state in the world where the virus is no longer declared a threat to humanity. Obviously, if the player does not make the correct choices in the game, the outcome can be far darker, including potential extinction at its worst.

Stay Up to date

We’ll continually update this page with more and more updates. We hope to deliver some early concept work as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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