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Last updated: March 2016

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Final Relapse is only a work in progress, and is made at an indie level so our team is very small. Here we’ll cover our 3 core team members, but we will also be outsourcing a lot of work for things like in game assets and also using pre-built assets, so at release we will give a more comprehensive list of credits 🙂


That’s me! Yes, I’m currently the lead designer, programmer, tester, you name it… I’ve been passionate about games development for years now, and hold a majors in CS. Wherever I could, I made sure my projects involved game design/development in some way or another.

My first real game was a browser-based turn based strategy game, which was as vanilla as turn based games can be… That was back in 2009, and I’ve moved on leaps and bounds since then. I’ve been active in the Skyrim modding community, and more recently have been working with the latest Unreal engine. I should add that this isn’t my job, but simply a hobby that I love to dedicate my spare time to.


Max is my friend from college, who I met through a Basketball interest group. He happened to be passionate about video games, and Basketball, so it wasn’t really surprising that we became good buddies. He’s not a techie, but has heaps of creativity and has been self-teaching himself 3d modelling. Although Final Relapse isn’t heavy on the 3d stuff, Max will be doing a lot of art related, and other stuff. He’s got a project of his own, which is his website Vertical Jump Development, which is basically about his story of becoming a dunker. Since I can’t dunk a basketball myself, I should probably read some of that stuff at some point… He details his journey with Folkersystem vertshock which is what he used to help him jump higher.


Ryan is a tech guru I know from college. His biggest passions are gaming and biking (you can check out his motorcycle stereo website here). He works at a blue chip company now and is doing pretty well, but I guess the stuff he really enjoys is getting home and coding Final Relapse! Only joking, but I’ll be picking his brains whenever I can to make sure things work as planned.


Événements, or events in english, are crucial turning points in Final Relapse. The games progression can really be boiled down into these events, which serve to be the pivotal moments in the game.

The most simple example of this is the final ending itself. If the player fails to make the right choices in the game, a stage where the virus is going viral to the point of no return, with no cure in sight, would be considered an Événement.

However, there will be many, many events along the path to the final one, but from a game design perspective, you can map out the progression path of any player simply on an event path.

A very simple illustration of an event map

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Final Relapse will put the player in front of a feature-rich UI, in the same vein as a personal computer but custom-developed to only present information relevant for character progression.

However, our goal is to have a lot of action away from this UI. As much as we liked playing Plague Inc., it never really took the player closer to the action. Thanks to the focus on patient zero, we will include many immersive cutscenes that really paint a clear picture of what exactly is going on ‘on the ground’, so to speak.

We will also look at other ways we could deliver information in an interactive way to the player. One of the things we have considered is interview-style scenarios, a bit like those from LA Noire, where the player selects options from a dialog menu.

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